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BigBang - The ultimate NFT toolkit on Aptos.

Every NFT collection needs tools to bring value and control to their communty. Easily create, whitelist, manage your community and collection.

BigBang is the one-stop-shop for creators on Aptos to do it all! From a permissionless launchpad, customizable staking platform, and whitelist market, the opportunities are endless.

NFT Launchpad

Our launchpad is jam-packed with simple, brilliant, and easy to use features.

BigBang is comprised of a lot of open features that lets any creator out there create, whitelist, and manage their collection without stress or hassle.

Don't ask for permission, create your own NFT collection.

Manage premints, presale, and social verification of minters.

One-click minter with multi-stage, dynamic pricing, mulit-mint support.

  1. Permissionless NFT creator

    No restrictions, create your NFT collection on Aptos

  2. On-chain assets management

    IPFS, Amazon S3, Digitalocean spaces, we support all of them.

  3. Team doxxing support

    Identity verification of team members using trusted exchange verifier.




Simple setup project-by-project staking center.

Creators should focus on creating. Another feature of our platform is our one-click staking center. With the click of a button, create a staking platform for your project, reward loyal community members with tokens, NFT claims etc.

  1. Setup

    Configure your projects staking parameters, reward rates and slashing rates.

  2. Publish

    Schedule a launch date or immediately go live to all your users.

  3. Stake

    NFT holders stake their NFTs and get rewarded. Easy peasy.

Discord Bot

Collaborate with other projects.

Working with other discord communities to cross-promote can be cumbersome to manage, with our discord bot, give whitelists to members that belong to certain discord servers or have a certain NFT in their wallet.

  1. Partner

    Form meaningful partnerships with projects in the Aptos space.

  2. Reserve

    Reserve spots for members of a Discord server or holders of a certain NFT.

  3. Allocate

    Auto allocate roles to partner discord members without lifting a finger.


Aptos utility token.

Our token serves as utility for many projects on Aptos. Need to play a game of double or nothing, or participate in an on-chain raffle without spending Aptos? Just use $BANG.

  1. Staking reward

    Holders of our Banger NFTs get to enjoy daily staking rewards.

  2. Airdrop

    Receive monthly $BANG airdrop by simply using the BigBang launchpad.

  3. Giveaways

    Active community members get rewarded with $BANG weekly.

Want to become a Banger?

Join our community to find out how to be a part of this exciting and rewarding journey.